Mingozzi Modi d’Arredare was born in 1947 in Borello, the historic headquarter, where the passion for furniture begins.
The way we develop projects comes from different experiences, all moved by a true love for homes, the real fuel for our ideas. Through our curiosity we carry out research and try to create new styles. We want to show a broader vision of furnishings and spaces to our customers. Going beyond the objects and the design act, we suggest certain styles as reflections of the owner’s souls, because the house is a space where life and love meet… it is the portrait of our soul.

Our design and consultancy services stylishly research every customer’s taste and requests, providing customized solutions trying to meet the customers’ needs. We aim to provide unique and sophisticated solutions: materials’ options, attention to detail and dedication characterize each project as an outstanding result. We take care of our clients with versatility, from assistance and consultancy services to design services and all inclusive solutions, in order to fulfil the house of their dreams.